hi friend!! I'm so happy you're here!!

I'm Laura!! I am based in Knoxville and travel all around Eastern Tennessee for elopements, families, and couples! Anywhere outdoors sets my heart on fire. and I am so blown away by how beautiful our Earth is. We are so blessed.  I love meeting new people and making them feel comfortable behind the camera. The people who tell me they're super awko taco at pictures are my favorite people...because those people are truly blown away when they get their gallery back :)) Trust me. I have ways to make you comfy in front of the camera and you will have so much fun!!!

My other titles includes crazy stalker lady to Garrett (jk, that's my hubby so he signed up for that), master shrimp taco maker & mama to our firecracker girly girl, Emmakate. My dream vacay is Greece and i'm addicted to buying baby girl clothes (plz tell me how to control this),

Last thing, our fam will take any excuse to go traveling somewhere new...it's our favorite thing to do!